Schaffner Homes

Schaffner Homes

Schaffner Homes includes 1719, 1723, 1735, 1741, 1749, 1757, 1763, 1769, 1775 and 1781 W. 6th Street.

The Schaffner Homes  are located on a quiet residential street.  These are zero (efficiency) and one bedroom quad units.  The apartments are low income general occupancy units.  Preference is given to Veterans.

Each unit is complete with stove, refrigerator, air conditioning, washer and dryer.  There are clothes lines and picnic table areas on site.  Each unit has its own small patio and private entrance.

There is a full service activity room available for the tenants rent.  Limited assigned parking spots are available but street parking is plentiful.

For more information

  • How to Apply  (Click this link for application)
  • Contact the manager of Schaffner Homes: (Heather)
    • By phone: 507-454-3665 X 103
    • Hours: 12:30PM-4:00PM Thursday
    • By email: [email protected]

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