General Inquiries

1756 Kraemer Drive Suite 100 (view map)
Winona, MN  55987-2086
507-454-8173 Fax


Email: [email protected]

Waiting List Inquiries 507-454-3665 X 104 or [email protected]
General Inquiries 507-454-3665 X 101 or [email protected]
Maplewood Townhomes 507-454-3665 X 107 or [email protected]
ValleyView Tower 507-454-4604 (full-time onsite manager) or [email protected]
Schaffner Residence 507-454-3665 X 103 [email protected]     Thurs (1:30 pm-4 pm)
Belleview East 507-474-6690 OR 507-454-3665 X 1     [email protected]   Tues (1:30-4:00)
 Maintenance Department Director  507-452-2146
Maintenance Emergencies: 507-312-0354   (Emergency Only)

Tina  507-454-3665 X104
Heather 507-454-3665 X103
Jennifer 507-454-3665 X107
Debbie 507-454-3665 X105
Linda 507-454-3665 X109

The HRA office is closed to the public due to the virus. you can contact your worker by email or phone:

Any changes can be done by email.