General Inquiries

1756 Kraemer Drive Suite 100 (view map)
Winona, MN  55987-2086
507-454-8173 Fax

Email: [email protected]

The HRA office is closed to the public due to the virus. You can contact your worker by email or phone. Any changes can be done by email.

Contact Name Email Phone
Tina [email protected] 507-454-3665 X109
Heather [email protected] 507-454-3665 X103
Jennifer [email protected] 507-454-3665 X107
Debbie [email protected] 507-454-3665 X105
Carol [email protected] 507-454-3665 X104
Veronica [email protected] 507-454-3665 X101


Waiting List Inquiries 507-454-3665 X 101 or [email protected]
General Inquiries 507-454-3665 X 101 or [email protected]
Maplewood Townhomes 507-454-3665 X 107 or [email protected]
ValleyView Tower 507-454-4604 (full-time onsite manager) or [email protected]
Schaffner Residence 507-454-3665 X 103 [email protected]
Thurs (1:30 pm-4 pm)
Belleview East 507-454-3665 X 103 [email protected]
 Maintenance Department Director  507-452-2146
Maintenance Emergencies: 507-312-0354 (Emergency Only)