How to Apply

To apply for low income public housing: use the link at the bottom of this page.  Print, fill out and return the PDF application using the address provided on the form.

Important Instructions:

Applications are to be completely filled out.  Write legibly, using ink if possible.  Incomplete applications will be returned.

Page 1 of the application:

  • Monthly Income section MUST contain  gross monthly income and its source(If employed, name Employer).   If you have NO income, specify: “zero income”.
  • Social Security numbers MUST be provided for ALL household members.
  • If you are a Veteran, Spouse, or widow/widower of a veteran,  please provide  documentation of the Veterans’ status.  The discharge papers given from the branch of service, also known as the DD214 form is sufficient documentation.  The Veterans preference is given upon receipt of verification of Veteran status.
  • Signatures are required for anyone on the application over age 18.

Page 2 of the application: Please read these instructions!

  • Fill in the State of: and County of: with the state and county you are currently in.
  • In the “Full Name” section, make sure that is filled out by every member of the household over age 18. (First, Middle, Last name, DOB & SS #). Drivers License # OR State ID.
  • List all aliases ( maiden names or other names you have used).
  • SIGN: ALL applicants over age 18 must sign and date the form,  whether or not there is a negative back ground. (Background checks are done on ALL applicants over age 18.)
  • The WHRA uses the information from Page 2 to complete background checks on all applicants over age 18.

Submitting your application:

Applications can be mailed to the WHRA using the address at the top of the application or drop it off at the front desk: 1756 Kraemer Drive, Suite 100, Winona, MN 55987.

You can also fax your application to: 507-454-8173.

You may also deliver the application to the main office at 1756 Kraemer Dr.  Suite 100, in person.   According to policy, you must inform the WHRA within 10 days of changes in family size or composition, preference status, or contact information, including current residence, mailing address and phone number.  Changes must be submitted in writing!  If we send mailings to you and it comes back, you are removed from the list!

Public Housing Application (PDF)