How can I apply for Public Housing?

Apply Online.  Questions? Call: 507-454-3665.

What’s the difference between Section 8 and Public Housing?

Public Housing is living in apartments/townhomes owned by Winona HRA.  Section 8 is rental,  in approved, participating apartments in the city limits of Winona.

I am an Honorably Discharged Veteran, can I get any help?

Yes.  Veterans have a preference with WHRA.  When you apply, include a photocopy of your DD214 form (Discharge papers from your branch of the service) with the application.  You will be placed in the top section of the waiting list in the order in which you applied.

Tina  507-454-3665 X104
Heather 507-454-3665 X103
Jennifer 507-454-3665 X107
Debbie 507-454-3665 X105
Linda 507-454-3665 X109

The HRA office is closed to the public due to the virus. you can contact your worker by email or phone:

Any changes can be done by email.